Reliable Pools



 "Enjoy your pool with family and friends,

knowing you had a reliable service"

Services offered by reliable pools

Let us take care of your pool while you are out of town.

We will:

     Maintain pool

     Conserve water's chemical balance


     We can accommodate to your needs


Vacation Visits

Let us come by each week and do the work for you.

We will:

     Vacuum pool

     Brush pool wall and tile line

     Skim the pool

     Backwash the filter when necessary

     Chemicals test

     Wash deck

     Clean the Skimmer and Pump Basket

     Services can be Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly

Weekly Maintenance Services

Let us provide you with a pool evaluation.

We will:

     Show potential buyers that your pool is in good shape


     If you're buying a home that has a pool, we can do a

    multi- inspection point test to make sure it's working correctly

     We conduct a 15-point proper pool operation check




Pool Inspection

Let us take care of your plaster pool.

We will:

   Pump pool down and scrub with Muriatic acid

   Make sure your pool starts and works properly


    Balance the water adding necessary chemicals


Acid Wash
Opening and Winterizing

Let us bring chemicals to you.

We will deliver:


     Muriatic Acid

     3" Tablets

     Sodium Bicarbonate

     Soda Ash


     All chemicals needed


Chemical Delivery

Let us open your pool in spring and winterize it in fall.

We will:

    Remove Cover

    Remove leaves with leaf canister

    Fill pool if necessary

    Check pool pump, heater, filter and make sure everything is

    working correctly


    Check water chemicals and balance

    Have all items necessary to complete job


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